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Go Pro in the Gili Islands with Trawangan Dive - Gili IDC - Instructor Development Course (IDC) Indonesia


If you’re looking to take a professional PADI dive program than Trawangan Dive is now the place to do it. Trawangan Dive has long been one of the few PADI 5 star dive centers in The Gili Islands, Indonesia. During 2013 we have set out improving all of our professional level courses and programs, so as to set ourselves above the rest; providing professional level training over and above that required within industry.

Our dive master program is run alongside our regular daily diving schedule allowing divemasters to get first-hand experience of the industry working alongside our seasoned PADI Instructors and dealing directly with our customers. Divemasters will establish their precise role within the provision of modern day recreational dive training and will learn how to play an integral role within a team of highly experienced instructors. We hold regular training workshops allowing divemasters to realize their true potential and unlock a range of newly learnt skills. Any diver wishing to take their divemaster program will be given every opportunity to progress within the dive industry.

Our Instructor Development Course has also been completely revamped over the course of 2013 and again our schedule has been modified in a way to provide some of the best PADI instructors in industry. Over the course of 2013 Trawangan Dive has been reclassified as a PADI Career Development Centre (CDC) meaning that we now provide the highest level of professional dive training available and are pleased to say the only PADI CDC Center in the Lombok region. We have also now employed a two new PADI Course Directors who are not only able to provide the best professional training available, but can also give some great industry advice having worked in a multitude of location around the world bringing prospective instructors the perfect mix of first class training combined with an in-depth knowledge of the recreational dive industry and its expectations. Our MSDT program now offers the full range of specialties and can be tailored to those which you will require for industry in the particular area you will be working.
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Trawangan dive is very proud of all of its achievements over 2013 and would like to thank its entire staff for the continued success in becoming one of the best professional and no professional dive educators in Indonesia.

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Diving in The Gili Islands, Indonesia : Looking to the future


Over the course of 2013 Trawangan Dive as achieved many of its long term goals and has been subsequently rewarded for the efforts. However this opens up a whole new area of potential development for the future.

Although we have already increased the amount of accommodation options available to our guests we have also seen a huge increase in the number guests taking diving programs and therefore our accommodation facilities have followed suite and there is now a need for further expansion. Trawangan Dive will be increasing the amount of onsite luxury bungalows to accommodate our continued popularity.

Although Trawangan Dive provide the full range of recreational dive courses, we have seen an increase in customers asking about technical dive programs and therefore have identified this as an area of potential expansion. Over 2013 we have seen record numbers of recreational divers taking PADI programs and therefore have had seen a slight negative affect on the technical division of the dive center. In the future Trawangan Dive wishes to expand it technical dive division to accommodate those divers wishing to take their training to a new level.

As with the professional level courses we have seen record numbers of divers choosing to take our PADI Divemaster Program here at Trawangan Dive. Throughout 2013 the PADI Divemaster Program has been continuously monitored and we will continue to do so in the future, allowing divemasters in training to receive the latest and most up to date training needs whilst also getting a real life taste of working within one of the busiest and best dive centers in Indonesia.

Our Instructor training facility has gone through a number of changes during 2013; all our training facilities and course content has been overhauled and we have developed a close working relationship with PADI allowing us to make sure instructor candidates are not only kept fully up to date with training updates but also kept fully up to date with the ever changing nature of the industry. We intend to carry on providing the best professional and non-professional training possible making Trawangan Dive the only real choice when it comes to serious scuba diving training.

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Diving in The Gili Islands, Indonesia : Trawangan Dive 2013 Achievements

Trawangan Dive is extremely proud of its achievements during 2013. We hosted the Gili Trawangan Finathon Event earlier in the year and managed to raise well over $7500 which we decided to split between the Gili Eco Trust and Project AWARE. The Gili Eco Trust represents the island and runs regular environmental programs. Project AWARE is more concerned with the protection of marine species such as endangered shark species. Due to this and our many other environmental awareness programs we were awarded the classification of 100% AWARE dive center. As a 100% AWARE partner we support a clean, healthy ocean by making a donation on behalf of each student to Project AWARE. All students will receive the Project AWARE version of your PADI certification card and be part of a movement of divers protecting our ocean planet.
One of the founders of Trawangan Dive, Simon Liddiard received an award for his 20 years of commitment and support to the PADI system and its philosophy. Hans Ulrich from PADI Asia Pacific visited Trawangan Dive to present the award and to personally thank Simon, Trawangan Dive and all the staff for their assistance and contribution to PADI and for helping to shape the future of PADI recreational dive training and therefore shaping the quality of training for future divers.
All of our Instructors here at Trawangan Dive have also received awards for excellence in the field of recreational dive training. All were presented with a quartz crystal plaque to represent not only teaching 100 new divers this year but to signify the high level of professionalism which is demonstrated by each and every dive instructor at Trawangan Dive. The Awards were presented by Tony Andrews of PADI Asia Pacific who came to Trawangan Dive to individually present the awards and to congratulate each instructor thanking them for their high level of commitment to the PADI Educational System.
Again this year we received our Trip Advisor “Certificate of excellence”. The Certificate of Excellence award is given to outstanding hospitality businesses that have received praise and recognition in reviews by Trip Advisor travelers. To qualify for the Certificate of Excellence, businesses must maintain an overall rating of four or higher, out of a possible five, as reviewed by travelers on Trip Advisor. Additional criteria include the volume of reviews received within the last 12 months.
Trawangan Dive is a 5 Star IDC Resort, and has now been awarded the Classification of “Career Development Centre”. There are only 4 CDC Centers in Indonesia and we are the first in the Lombok region. As well as conducting 11 PADI Instructor Development Courses (IDC) per year we have 2 PADI Course Directors and a brand new purpose built IDC classroom facility. The PADI Career Development Center (CDC) classification is awarded annually to PADI Five Star Instructor Development Centers and Five Star Instructor Development Dive Resorts that dedicate their businesses to professional development beyond regular scuba instructor training and meet the highest requirements for training PADI scuba diving leaders. PADI CDCs offer career-oriented training to prepare scuba diving professionals for employment in the dive industry, as well as offering job placement assistance for program graduates.
So 2013 has been a very eventful year for Trawangan Dive and although we are at the height of professionalism in the industry and there are not many awards of recognition left to obtain we still strive to continue to improve and hope that our future customers continue to have a highly rewarding experience at Trawangan Dive.
We are making every effort to continuously improve upon our already excellent reputation and if your looking to dive or stay with us we are also making every effort to keep our guests fully upto date through our scocial media including our website and the Trawangan Dive Facebook page.

Scuba Diving in The Gili Islands : It’s a family affair at Trawangan Dive

During 2013 Indonesia as a whole has seen more family holiday makers visiting the country and therefore the Gili Islands have become the perfect island getaway. Trawangan Dive has noticed this trend and has therefore upped its game in terms of accommodation needs and scuba diving programs aimed at families with young children.

In terms of accommodation we have always offered the backpacker rooms as well as our luxury chalet style bungalows which are situated on site surrounded by our lush tropical gardens. Over the course of 2013 we have experienced more families with young children and have noticed more families seeking a more tailor made villa style holiday experience, so therefore we have expanded our range of choices in terms of family orientated accommodation rentals. It’s never been easier to book your villa on Gili Trawangan, simply email your details the Trawangan Dive “Exclusive Villas” department ( and give them your details and requirements. The Trawangan Dive accommodation team will do the rest and find you the perfect place to enjoy you vacation with the family.

We have also noticed a huge increase in the numbers of families wishing to take part in diving programs and therefore have taken the necessary steps to ensure families receive the best possible experience and have also built a brand new luxury family villa in the resort directly next to our dive shop allowing families to fully immerse themselves in the dive schedule whilst at the same time to be able to make full use of their beachside villa.

The rise in families taking dive programs and activities has also prompted us to review the facilities available to young divers, and over the course of 2013 we have taken every step to ensure the safety, satisfaction and overall enjoyment of our programs. Our staff have been fully trained in and briefed in the education and care of PADI junior divers. Our facilities have also endured a complete makeover; having retiled our entire onsite training pool and upgraded our range of equipment for children. Trawangan Dive has received multiple trip advisor reviews from families all over the globe and is looking forward to welcoming more families in the coming years. So if you’re looking to take a family vacation and experience the true wonders of our tropical island and our magnificent ocean, the journey starts here.
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