Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Diving at Shark Point

Shark Point is one of the most popular dive sites around the Gili Islands. Situated on the North of Gili Trawangan it is one of the most varied and interesting dive sites. The site starts with a  sloping reef  going down to 30 metres with a series of ridges of valleys which leads you to deeper water. Being a sloping reef  means it is available to all levels of diver certification. It has an abundance of marine life, with Turtles almost being a guarantee to see! About 25 metres deep within the ridges is where white tip and black tip reef sharks are to be found. Along with Jacks, Barracuda, Angelfish, Snapper and Blue Spotted Sting rays are all commonly seen.

Dive Sites around the Gili's

Phils group was the first to Descend, they all got into their equipment whilst Phil gave the Pre-Dive safety check. Once everyone was ready to go they did a backwards roll entry into the crystal clear Gili water! After clearing their masks at the surface they slowly descended down the slope to reach the depth of 30 metres! It is safe to say Shark Point lived up to its name during this dive and certainly didn't disappoint! 
About ten minutes into the dive Phil came across two white tip reef sharks which they were only about one metre away from!! The group also came across a blue spotted sting ray and a big group of snappers! Nearing the end of the dive in about 12 metres of water before coming up to do the safety stop, three or four turtles were seen feeding away at the coral, it was the perfect ending to what was to be another great dive at Shark Point! 

Philip (centre) with his Dive students!

Boarding the boat

 James Wells Instructor Extraordinaire!
Getting into their gear!

Backwards roll entry into the water


Two White Tip Reef Sharks!!

Getting Closer!

Blue Spotted Stingray

Turtle in the shallows
Passing the equipment up to the boat crew
Back to Trawangan Dive!
Divemaster Jan!

The only way to end the day....in the Trawangan Dive Pool Bar

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