Saturday, 4 January 2014

PADI IDC Gili Islands 2014 | Instructor Career Development | Trawangan Dive - Indonesia

During the course of 2013 the PADI IDC Gili Islands have seen more and more people choosing to take their professional level PADI training at Trawangan Dive, the Gili Islands only PADI Career Development Center (CDC).

A PADI CDC Center is a 5 Star PADI Dive Center that show exceptional commitment to providing quality career orientated programs to students taking their professional level courses. The rating also takes into account the facilities within the dive center. Trawangan Dive has now become the preferred option for all professional level PADI training.

The dive center is situated on one of the best starches of beach in Gili Trawangan and is also one of the largest dive centers on the island. If you’re looking to gain some real life professional dive training this is the place.

Over the course of 2014 the Trawangan Dive GoPro team is looking to implement a range of career orientated programs aimed at enhancing the overall experience and career opportunities for the candidates. The career programs include conservation, specialty training, internship, team teaching and komodo livaboard options.

Our next PADI Instructor Development Course starts on 17th January and then again on the 21st February. In fact Trawangan Dive run an Instructor Development course ever month and is structured on a 10 day schedule with 4 days of pre-IDC preparation. The course includes the entire PADI IDC syllabus including knowledge development, open water presentations, classroom presentations, dive skills, DSD workshops, standards and procedures and equipment. At the Gili IDC Indonesia candidates are prepared to a standard way over that generally expected within industry. Our PADI Course Director has been working within industry for more than a decade and can provide valuable guidance to candidates trying to develop a career as a PADI Instructor.

If you’re interested in finding out more about getting a career as a PADI Scuba Instructor check out our PADI IDC Gili Islands website, or contact our PADI GoPro team directly.

We can also be found on through our IDC Indonesia Facebook Page and our course can be seen in progress in our PADI IDC Indonesia YouTube Video.


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