Wednesday, 26 October 2016

In Depth Instructor level training with Multi Award Winning Platinum PADI Course Director Holly Macleod

Join the PADI IDC Indonesia with multi Award Winning Platinum PADI Course Director Holly Macleod and develop a very rewarding and successful career within the diving industry.

The PADI IDC Program covers all of the usual topics as required by the PADI curriculum as well as many additional components which have been added to the course and are designed to enhance the learning experience in a fun and enjoyable way whilst providing the best possible support to candidates.
The student control workshops are designed to prepare candidates to always be in full control of their students and looks into various ways to achieve this allowing new instructors to be able to adapt their personal training techniques for various conditions and situations whilst providing the best possible training that you can.

The dive site setup workshops are designed to give instructors an insight on how to best use a training site for various programs. This component of the course is closely linked with student control and how an instructor can use a training site to have the ultimate control over their own students.
Another new workshop that has now been absorbed into the program is the PADI Online Workshop which is designed to introduce PADI online and its functions. Candidates will learn how to process their own certifications and review some of the other functions of the PADI website such as the dive check, classifieds, updates, training bulletins and more.
Although the PADI IDC Syllabus dictates that candidates participate in the DSD workshop, an extended DSD workshop will cover how to conduct the DSD repeat dive in Open Water.
CESA Workshops are also arranged during the program and prepare students to be in full control during the Controlled Emergency Swimming Assent which is one of the most important and challenging skills during entry level diving.

Again the CESA workshop is closely linked to dive site setup and student control, but this time the student is moving vertically. During workshops various techniques are introduced to allow the Instructor candidate have the perfect control of their future students.
In fact Holly Macleod is consistently developing new training techniques to pass onto her candidates and developing these techniques into workshop type exercises. The program is offered every month and benefits from the extensive experience of Multi Award Winning Platinum PADI Course Director Holly Macleod who conducts the entire program. Holly, having extensive experience working in a various dive related jobs in multitude of international diving destinations is perfectly place to offer new instructors the post IDC support when looking at particular job opening in worldwide destinations.
More information can be found on the PADI IDC Indonesia Online Website or within the Gili Islands PADI IDC Brochure. To see real life reviews from the program check out the PADI IDC Indonesia TripAdvisor Reviews.